Domìa is taking a break and will open on 17 April 2024!

We look forward to welcoming you to the "new" Domìa Boutique Hotel e Cucina.


A bright modern boutique hotel.
An oasis of tranquillity, peace and privacy.
Elegant interiors surrounded by a lush garden.
A family-friendly haven, designed to convey Sicilian beauty in all its extraordinary forms: art, hospitality and cuisine.


Domìa, sea and land port

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Just a stone’s throw from the renowned Mondello beach lies Domìa, a bright, modern luxury hotel.
Its elegant lines come together to form a sophisticated whole, further refined through the skill and hard-work of Italian artisans.
The villa’s greenery infuses every room, ensuring fragrance and freshness even on hot summer days.
The star, of course, is the food, regarded as the best on offer in the whole of Sicily.

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Domia Hotel

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The Domìa Restaurant

Tradition, art and creativity

We are driven by a burning desire to tell the story of the beauty of Sicily, a land steeped in nature and the experiences of an ancient civilisation.
Hence, hospitality is transformed into necessity, art and creativity. A gift from our heart to that of our guests.


We share our Sicilian culture through its most intriguing expressions: the folklore of age-old markets, proverbs and the legends of a timeless land. We select only the finest ingredients and offer the simplicity of authentic products that have always graced Sicilian tables.


Tradition and innovation interact in perfect synergy and represent the essence of hospitality, unique moments in which our guests are enveloped by sensations, scents and delightful flavours.


Our guests are, therefore, the main characters in an exclusive dream, an authentic Sicilian experience in which emotion travels faster than reason.

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Tradition, art and creativity

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Stay updated on all the news of Domìa

Stay updated on all the news of Domìa